Meet Some of the Best Email Deliverability Experts & Consultants

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Do you want to take your business to new heights? Get your email delisted from the blacklists? And ensure your newsletters get delivered every time? If so, you’re in luck.

We interviewed some of the best email deliverability experts and consultants in the industry who can bring insight.

With years (some decades) of experience in email deliverability, they know more than a thing or two when it comes to making your campaigns successful. Their ideas are the ones that can generate a near-immediate ROI.

Read on to learn what specific ways they help companies grow.

Who Is an Email Deliverability Consultant or Expert?

An email deliverability consultant is an expert in all things email-related, including email infrastructure and the latest trends. They usually conduct an expert review, analyze and diagnose your email program, and make recommendations.

They also provide many services, but their primary responsibilities include handling spam traps, blacklists, and issues with Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

In addition, they assist with IP scaling and warming and help build a spotless sending reputation. Moreover, they conduct in-depth email monitoring, audits of email-sending practices, and reviews.



With the help of an email deliverability consultant or expert, you will:

  • Get help setting up a strong email campaign
  • See how delivery is affecting your email engagement
  • Seamlessly switch to another provider without losing your email
  • Learn how to scale your email campaign strategy

If you’re looking for an email deliverability expert or specialist, here are some you need for your campaign.

Top Email Deliverability Experts and Consultants for Hire



1. Seamas Egan

Company: tinyEmail Company


Seamas Egan of tinyEmail is an email deliverability expert. He helps with providing an ESP service, usually to clients in the eCommerce industry. This kind of service differs from an email client (such as Outlook or Gmail) since it allows marketers to send larger quantities of emails.

TinyEmail aims to help marketers focus more on their campaigns instead of wasting time on administrative tasks. The tool’s exciting features include Click Map, A/B Testing, Document Library, and Drip Campaigns.

According to Egan, clients’ “mailing unengaged contacts” impacts their email deliverability.

Fixing such an error doesn’t simply involve creating a re-engagement campaign. Instead, it may require them to tweak their email strategy.

That’s where his expertise and the InboxAlly software become helpful. Egan uses InboxAlly, the ultimate email deliverability tool that teaches email providers to put their clients’ messages in their inboxes. He mainly uses InboxAlly for rehab domain reputation.

Rehabilitating a domain reputation doesn’t happen overnight. A reset can take weeks to months, depending on the severity of the deliverability problem. Still, an excellent timeline to rehabilitate the domain’s reputation is 30 to 45 days.

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2. Big Jason Henderson

Company: Breakthrough Email Marketing


Big Jason Henderson from Breakthrough Email Marketing is our list’s next email deliverability expert.

Breakthrough Email Marketing is a company that assists clients in the e-Commerce, weight loss, health and fitness, golf, and supplements industries.

As for Henderson, he has been doing Email Revenue Optimization for 27 years and Email Deliverability Optimization for 17 years. And the types of email marketing-related service they usually offer includes email deliverability audit, email authentication, and email engagement optimization.

Big Jason believes the real reasons are “lack of proven strategy, being misled by deliverability con artists, using half measures, and focusing on the wrong things.”

In addition, only following the best email deliverability practices can pose a problem. It is because, in many cases, it is “merely pooled ignorance.” Therefore, the right approach should be “taking a holistic approach to deliverability,” he went on.

If you need more convincing about his expertise, here are some reviews about Big Jason’s work.

To help with domain warm-up for cold emails, Big Jason also uses the InboxAlly tool. And true enough, such a domain warm-up is necessary to have a higher delivery rate and build a reputation. It’s also essential if you’re planning to launch a massive cold email outreach.

3. Lilia Tovbin



Next up is Lilia Tovbin. She is a part of the deliverability services team of, an all-in-one email marketing platform with marketing agencies and publishers as the clients they typically serve.

Tovbin’s primary role in BigMailer is providing deliverability strategy and advisory. However, they also offer a comprehensive audit, deliverability advisory, and general email deliverability consulting as a team.

She also believes that the leading causes of their clients’ deliverability issues include not trimming inactive contacts and sending campaigns too often to those inactive.

In addition, too many inactive email subscribers can cause serious harm to one’s email deliverability. When those messages bounce, it harms your sender’s reputation, which ruins your overall deliverability rate.

So, she suggests deleting inactive email subscribers from the list to improve deliverability.

Another way Tovbin does to improve their clients’ email deliverability is to use InboxAlly, especially for inbox analysis and new domain warmup. Using such a tool aims to gain ESP’s trust that their clients’ emails are worth delivering to their recipients’ inboxes and prevent spam filters from blocking them.

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4. Robert Hicks



Robert Hicks is an email deliverability expert in, an all-in-one email marketing solution with social media integration. This company has been delivering email since 1995.

With such an experience, their team can easily spot factors that have impacted their clients’ inbox delivery. They also provide email verification, hygiene, and delivery to B2B and B2C clients.

Moreover, most of their clients specialize in legal notification delivery. If you’re in this type of service, you will likely benefit from Robert Hicks’ expertise and his team. Hicks recognizes the value of keeping their customers’ inbox delivery at the highest rate possible.

Moreover, their team offers different account types, meaning other pricing plans. True Unlimited plan provides unlimited sending with prizes based on the customer database size.

When asked about the primary cause of their clients’ deliverability issues, Hicks answered, “Google’s deliberate plan to hinder email delivery and email marketing.” Other factors include clients not following the best practices regarding list maintenance and ensuring recipients are actively engaged in their emails.

Hicks also referred to Google and other email providers constantly developing new ways to keep spam out of their users’ inboxes. Therefore, clients’ campaigns that don’t practice email deliverability will have low delivery rates.

Fortunately, Hicks knows how to handle these issues. He can implement strategies to improve their clients’ email delivery and clicks.

He also shared that their team uses InboxAlly to create a positive traffic pattern for mailing domains and evaluate a domain’s reputation. They find the tool helpful, especially in maintaining a high inbox delivery rate for their clients.

5. Alson Wong

Company: AlsonMedia LLC


Alson Wong is the email deliverability expert behind the big data-driven email marketing company AlsonMedia LLC.

Wong works with a team of experts with extensive experience in email media marketing. They recognize email as the most efficient and effective form of demand generation.

Most of their clients are businesses that send over 100,000 emails daily to AOL and Yahoo! In cooperation with his team, Wong offers a full-service email service, including:

  • Data management
  • Data analysis
  • Deliverability analysis
  • Inbox tracking
  • Reputation improvement
  • Consultation

At the same time, the AlsonMedia LLC team ensures their data inboxes for $1 CPM or cost per mile, which refers to the cost of sending a thousand emails.

For Wong, the leading cause of their clients’ deliverability issues before hiring them is low delivery and inbox rates. Interestingly, Wong’s team also uses InboxAlly mainly for Gmail engagement as they recognize that they don’t have a strong team for that email service.

6. Denis Babaev

Company: SynergyMedia


Denis Babaev is the CEO of SyngergyMedia, a leading performance marketing agency with headquarters in Warsaw (Poland), Dubai (UAE), and Miami (US).

With over 60 best professionals in digital and email marketing on their team, they work together for the success of any email project (consulting and turnkey projects).

SyngergyMedia has two main divisions: the media-buying and email marketing departments. Focusing on email marketing, Babaev believes that lack of knowledge is the primary reason why their clients experience deliverability issues.

So, warming up domains is one of his email marketing strategies. It is a practice that has been gaining popularity. As a result, it is landing more often in the recipient’s inboxes.

In addition, Babaev and his team believe that a domain warmup is vital to gain ESP’s trust and improve their clients’ domain reputation. To make it happen, they also use InboxAlly software.

7. Scott Hardigree

Company: Email Industries


Scott Hardigree is the Founder and CEO of Email Industries, a company specializing in innovative email marketing solutions designed to optimize deliverability and increase engagement.

With a strong background in digital marketing, Hardigree and his team of deliverability consultants help brands like ZoomInfo and The Zebra optimize and future-proof their email deliverability

In their role as comprehensive email deliverability consultants, Email Industries has observed that some of the most common issues clients face include infrequent cleaning of email lists and incorrect setup of DKIM, SPF, DMARC records. However, thanks to their strategic partnership with InboxAlly, they are able to leverage the platform’s full potential, thereby identifying and rectifying these issues and steering email deliverability back on track.

Benefits of Hiring an Email Marketing Specialist or Deliverability Expert

  • It can ensure the success of your email marketing program and that your emails land in as many inboxes as possible.
  • You get answers to all your email deliverability and marketing questions.
  • They remediate ISP issues and blocking and spam folder problems.
  • You will receive strategic guidance and recommendations to increase your email opens and sales.
  • They will implement BIMI, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication protocols.
  • You can utilize marketing automation for your company.
  • You will have someone manage your email delivery alerts and reports, including bounce logs.
  • They will help you remain updated with the latest technologies and trends in the email industry.
  • They can troubleshoot or collaborate to find practical solutions to other deliverability-related issues.
  • Have someone examine your email infrastructure components, procedures and policies and provide insights for short and long-term delivery-sending techniques.

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Let’s Answer Some FAQs About Email Deliverability Experts



What does an email deliverability specialist do?

An email deliverability specialist’s role is like other professionals, wherein they do a blend of technical tasks. They usually guide and educate you (the client) and your team about the best email marketing practices.

They will also provide a customized plan to reach your email goals. Finally, they work with spam filters and mailbox providers to resolve issues. They also ensure your sending reputation is optimized and protected.

Which strategy will improve email deliverability?

There are different strategies to improve email deliverability and maintain optimal email performance.

These include maintaining a proper IP allocation, authenticating your email domain, segmenting your email list, being consistent with your sender name, making the opt-out process more manageable, and many more.

How do I fix email deliverability issues?

Test each element of your email program to determine and fix the cause of the deliverability issues generally. Specifically, check if something is wrong with the email content, authentication, compliance laws, email address, IP reputation, domain, and email filters.

Additionally, test every point to find the cause of low deliverability and constantly refine your email marketing practices. You may also partner with an email deliverability service provider for better deliverability.

How do I become an email deliverability expert?

You can become a great expert by building your email marketing skills. Some examples are gaining an eye for design, understanding email marketing analysis, and choosing the right email deliverability tool.

How does an email deliverability expert help your email campaigns?

Email deliverability consultants will maximize your inbox placement rate and strengthen the credibility of your campaigns. They can also ensure that your IP and domain reputation support the success of your email marketing.

Maximize Your Chances of Inbox Success

With billions of emails sent daily worldwide, the competition to land in the inbox has become more aggressive.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t stand out from the inbox clutter. The process will be more manageable if you have someone on your team with experience developing effective email marketing campaigns.

Fortunately, that’s what email deliverability specialists are for. They analyze, review, and diagnose your campaign. After that, they will make recommendations that will be necessary financial input for the long-term health of your email marketing and business.

Want to know more about the software that email deliverability experts use to top up their clients’ email game?

Schedule a demo with us, and we’ll happily show you how to use InboxAlly to double your open rates within 1 to 2 weeks.