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  • Check Your Spam Score Before Sending

    Check Your Email Spam Score Before Sending

    Every mailbox provider uses spam filters! Email Spam Tests are also part of deliverability best practices. Before sending it to your list test your subject line and message content with a spam checker tool.

    A spam score checker runs the content of your email and other factors like domain, IP, from-address, and SPF/DKIM/DMARC/Reverse DNS records. Knowing your spam score based on the test helps you estimate deliverability and avoid the spam folder.

  • Test and Retest to Optimize your Content

    Test and Retest to Optimize your Content

    Check your email for spam words and HTML content before you start your campaign. Our email spam checker helps you stay on best terms with mailbox providers and help you stay out of the spam folder.

    Identify issues with content, format, domain setup and mail server configurations. Good sending practices are among the best ways to improve IP and domain reputation. We can solve the problems that prevent your messages from reaching the inbox folder.

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    How to stay in the Inbox?

    An email spam checker tool cannot see the abuse or bounce rates. The best way to ensure consistent inbox placement is to email interested and engaged subscribers. Keep your bounce rates low and invalid email addresses out of your list with email address validation. Validate as soon as users subscribe and repeat email address testing every few months to identify deactivated accounts, complainers, and accounts that have become spam traps. Also, check out InboxAlly’s Ultimate Email Deliverability Tool to help boost engagement by teaching email service providers to put your messages in the Inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can InboxAllly’s Email Spam Checker help prevent my emails from landing in the spam folder?

Our Email Spam Checker is designed to analyze your emails against numerous criteria that email service providers use to identify spam. By providing a detailed report on potential red flags within your email content, structure, or sender reputation, our tool gives you actionable insights to adjust your emails, helping you avoid spam filters.

Absolutely. Data security is our top priority. We use encryption for data in transit and at rest, and we do not store the content of your emails after the spam check is complete. Our servers are compliant with leading data protection regulations to ensure your information is protected.

Yes, whether you're using a custom email sending solution or popular email platforms like MailChimp, SendGrid, or others, you can use our tool to check your emails for spam risk before sending them.

If your email is marked as high risk for spam, the checker will provide specific feedback on which elements to adjust. This can include recommendations on text content, HTML structure, or changes to the sender's information. Making these adjustments and re-testing your email can help lower the spam score.

Here is a link to the Free Email Audit Tool you can bookmark.

The complete InboxAlly Platform also offers deliverability testing, but the solution’s real power is in optimizing deliverability at any scale. If you could benefit from an increased open rate and sender reputation, we encourage you to check it out.