When the Internet was new and the World Wide Web was still in its infancy, everyone loved email.

With the attention on social media and instant messaging communication, do you think it’s still worthwhile for marketers and business owners to send email content? The simple answer is, of course, yes!

Email marketing is still a smart marketing strategy. For one, it works on mobile devices and you have more space for content to get your message across. You can re-engage and keep customers interested long after their first conversion. It is inexpensive and easy to integrate into other marketing tactics.

And what better way to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts, avoid making mistakes, and achieve better ROI, than reading tips from professionals in the field of email marketing themselves!

That is why we’ve come up with a list of top email marketing blogs and websites that are worth reading.

So, without further ado, let’s go through these best email marketing blogs that are absolutely worth checking out!

MailChimp is an email marketing company based in the US. Their team’s approach to email marketing focuses on data analysis, beautifully designed campaigns, and on healthy contact management practices so any email marketing strategy will work like a charm.

What we like about its blog is that it walks you through the basics of email marketing and there are also success stories in the form of case studies that you can read on.

MailChimp believes that their readers can get real-life inspiration from others who are also looking for the best email marketing strategy they want to apply in their campaigns.

Of course, there are also email marketing tips, business tips in general, and guides and tutorials for people who are still building their first email marketing campaign.

Campaign Monitor is a software development brand with a dedicated email marketing blog, where you can read email marketing tips and industry updates.

There are two email marketing platforms that this company offers. One is for brands and another is for e-commerce.

That’s why their blog is also focused on lead generation, e-commerce, personalized emails, and newsletters. With their team of email marketing experts, Campaign Monitor makes it easy for you to craft, send, and optimize email marketing campaigns.

We believe this should be on your reading list because of its useful content.

ActiveCampaign Home page

Active Campaign is a company that specializes in marketing automation, sales automation, and email marketing. 

If you sign up for its newsletter or read their blog, you’ll find content about content marketing, sales pipeline, and email acquisition.

They also have the “Spotlight” and “Culture” categories, where they post engaging stories about customer success, relationships, productivity, and company life.

One interesting read from their blog is an article on how they create “Wow” at ActiveCampaign. This means not just meeting customer expectations, but transforming their business.

Constant Contact blog site in browser

Constant Contact is another popular online marketing platform that focuses on helping small business owners simplify marketing tasks so they can sell more online.

Their story started from an attic when its founders envisioned creating an online marketing tool that would help small business owners be in the same playing field as those companies that are more established in the industry.

Their Constant Contact blog speaks for that mission. It is where they provide step-by-step marketing advice to help small businesses and nonprofits do more in their business.

HubSpot blog site in browser

HubSpot is a US-based marketer and developer of software products for inbound marketing, customer service and sales. “We’re Built for Email,” their brand’s tagline reads.

We included them in the list because Hubspot’s blog is a trustworthy source of information. You can read about email marketing best practices and stay up to date on all kinds of topics related to services, sales, and marketing.

Uplers Email blog site in browser

Uplers Email is an email marketing agency with a team of more than 150 experts. The company started as EmailMonks in 2013 and today focuses on handling its clients’ email marketing campaigns and achieving their email marketing goals. 

In 2019, the company got its new identity as Uplers Email. They have one of the best email marketing blogs in terms of frequency and relevance. Plus, they do provide effective email marketing tips you can apply in your campaigns!

Their blog is also a great resource for coding and email design. We especially find their content about drip campaigns an interesting read as it has a dedicated flowchart on how it works for easy understanding.

MailBakery blog site in browser

MailBakery is a company that specializes in email template design and email coding. They create responsive email HTML templates for their marketing campaigns and integrate them with their clients’ emailing software. 

Why we included them in this list is because they do share interesting email marketing strategies in their blog. The way they design their email marketing tips is also top-notch. It’s simple, yet eye-catching!

Plus, you can read in their blog real solutions to entrepreneurs and businesses around the world who are specializing in different forms of email content creations.

You’ll also see in their email marketing blog guides and tutorial about BIMI or brand indicators for message identification and why email marketers should care about it.

We just love how their guides are crafted that it’s easy to follow.

GetResponse blog site in browser

GetResponse is an email marketing platform that operates globally. They have offices in the US, Russia, Malaysia, Poland, and Canada. 

The company helps businesses build targeted subscriber lists and offers useful email marketing tools.

It has an email marketing blog, where its dedicated team of experts provides tips and tricks so it can easily navigate the marketing world.

Some of their topics include email marketing for beginners, best practices in email marketing that apply in 2021, and the importance of using email automation.

Go ahead and check out their tips and newsletters to learn more about email marketing!

9. AWeber

AWeber blog site in browser

AWeber is on a mission to make an impact on small businesses by delivering simple yet powerful email marketing software that does most of the work for them. 

The company is composed of a team of marketers, engineers, product people, and problem solvers.

In their modern marketing blog, they educate their readers about email marketing and industry trends so your business stands out from the crowd. You’ll also see in their blog a free email toolkit template as well as a content calendar.

The team says that they seek formal education and attend conferences and events to strive for better as “education is a big part” of innovation.

10. MailJet

MailJet blog site in browser

MailJet is a French email marketing platform and tracking system. Their HQ is in Paris, and they also have tech hubs in Toronto, New York, London, Ho Chi Minh City, Barcelona, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, and Sofia.

The company’s mission is to simplify email delivery and they have a dedicated blog that talks about digital marketing strategy, email deliverability, and just about everything email each week.

You can subscribe to the company’s newsletter and unsubscribe to it anytime too if you think the email marketing strategies they’re teaching do not suit your business needs. But we highly doubt that because they do provide great news and tips about email marketing.

11. Marketo

Marketo blog site in browser

Marketo is a marketing automation software provider. At the core, their company is created by marketers for marketers. 

The reason why we included it as among the top email marketing blogs is that they believe that email marketing still is one of the most effective digital marketing channels nowadays.

And such a belief reflects in their blog. From how to create a budget for your email marketing campaign to tips in reading digital body language, there are plenty of interesting topics you’ll come across in the Marketo blog!

Email Monday blog site in browser

Email Monday is a blog and service maintained by independent email marketing consultant Jordie van Rijn. He has over 13 years of experience in providing email marketing solutions to clients or improving their email campaigns. He even gives email marketing training and is a speaker and writer in the online marketing industry.

Rijn’s expertise shows in his blog, where you’ll get an opportunity to read about email optimization and understand email marketing statistics and reports.

SparkPost blog site in browser

SparkPost is recognized as the world’s first predictive email intelligence platform. Being an email delivery provider, it combines email deliverability analytics with email delivery, empowering businesses to optimize their email program.

What we like about their SparkPost blog is that they not only provide the best email practices but also offer email marketing strategies for practical use to help you achieve a successful email marketing campaign.

Email on Acid blog site in browser

Email on Acid is a software company based in Colorado. They provide email pre-deployment solutions to make sure that every part of their clients’ email is optimized and reviewed before getting uploaded for deployment. 

It’s the “cherry on top of any email QA workflow… the final sign-off” from the developers and email marketers who created it, their website reads.

The blog that they run is a great addition to your email marketing strategies. They discuss email marketing automation and provide free responsive email templates too!

Elastic Email blog site in browser

Elastic Email was created to make email more efficient. And one of the team’s core values is providing cost-effective solutions, no matter what kind of business their client leads or owns.

Want to stay updated with the newest email delivery tips and industry updates? Read Elastic Email’s blog. They even provide email marketing tools, A/X testing, web forms, and email API.

MarketingProfs blog site in browser

MarketingProfs offers education for modern marketers through research, training, and best practices.

In their resource page, MarketingProfs shares interesting email marketing insights so you can find, refine, and search exactly what you’re looking for.

Be that email marketing practices, industry news, or anything about the email marketing world!

Messagegears blog site in browser

Message Gears is a customer marketing platform that helps brands orchestrate high-volume, dynamic, and cross-channel marketing messages with precision.

We consider its blog among the best email marketing platforms this year because of expert advice, detailed research, and email marketing trends they share on it and even on various topics.

They discuss email deliverability frequently, highlighting what spam and bounces mean.

18. Kickbox

Kickbox blog site in browser

Kickbox is an email address verification service. Its blog focuses on email marketing and it shares interesting insights on how to handle disposable emails, email security advice, and email deliverability that digital marketers can learn from.


Benchmark blog site in browser

Don’t miss Benchmark’s blog too! The company offers email marketing solutions to help enterprises of any size. 

In its blog, they write about ways to increase ROI, growing your email lists, email marketing automation, and ways to create a visually appealing email design, among others.

Omnisend blog site in browser

Omnisend is an eCommerce marketing automation company. It has been in the industry for over 7 years and in its blog, they focus on email marketing for eCommerce. 


21. Stripo

Stripo blog site in browser

Stripo is an online drag-and-drop and HTML email editor that allows users to create responsive email templates. 

Their blog covers topics on how to utilize smart elements in email marketing, email design tips, and more!

Pinpointe blog site in browser

Pinpointe is an email service provider with a large library of pre-tested, ready-to-use, and mobile-friendly HTML email templates. 

On their blog, you will find tips and infographics on email marketing and other content to help you carry out a great email marketing campaign.

They also conduct webinars about email campaigns and share it with their readers.

Printful blog site in browser

Printful is an on-demand and fulfillment company, which helps clients turn their ideas into products or brands. On Printful’s blog, they share marketing tricks, how to start a business, and all things related to eCommerce.


24. Litmus

Litmus blog site in browser

Litmus is a platform for email testing and analytics. It has great content on its blog that provides a variety of information, such as email marketing best practices, metrics, design, or just overall marketing strategy.


Mailrelay blog site in browser

Mailrelay is an advanced email marketing platform and its blog is worth adding to this list too! It covers email marketing tips, strategies, and best practices. 

If you’re into digital marketing, its blog shares great approaches to help businesses drive sales or reach a wider audience.

26. Pure360

Pure360 blog site in browser

Pure360 is an email marketing platform based in the UK. In its blog, it shares tips on all things related to e-commerce and sometimes also shares ideas about email marketing that online store owners can use to connect with their potential and loyal customers.

Keap blog site in browser

Keap, formerly InfusionSoft, specializes in CRM, sales, and marketing automation. They provide email marketing software for entrepreneurs and in their blog, you’ll find articles about sales automation tips, customer relationship management, analytics, and more.

28. Proofy

Proofy blog site in browser

Proofy is an email checker. It provides bulk email cleaning services to its clients. It shares great insights about eCommerce email marketing, data enrichment, and other valuable content about email marketing in general.

Timetoreply blog site in browser

Based in England, Timetoreply connects clients’ mailboxes to measure email reply time. Then, it provides actionable analytics that the company can use.

We find their blog helpful as it shares ideas about email analytics, tips to manage shared mailboxes, and the golden rule for effective team communication. All things related to email marketing content are found in their blog.

TrafficWave blog site in browser

TrafficWave provides email marketing services, email list management, and automation. In its blog, they cover email marketing tips to help entrepreneurs build their business.

Jonannes Larsson blog site in browser

Johanneslarsson.com is an entrepreneurship blog we started exploring recently and added it as a bonus item to our list. It is overflowing with helpful resources, articles, and free tools for business owners and marketers alike. Johannes shares his experiences as a 29-year-old CEO and renowned affiliate marketer.  Whether you’re looking to make money online, learn SEO, or level up your marketing, Johannes’s personal blog is filled with unique insights and value-packed tips to help you on your way.

Up to Date with Best Email Marketing Blogs!

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So, there you go. If you want to get the most out of your email marketing, you can explore strategies, innovation, and technology used by experts themselves in the email marketing field.

Pick blogs in this list that you find interesting and align with your brand’s mission and vision to maximize the profitability of your email marketing campaigns