Cold email marketing is a powerful lead-generation machine. This marketing tool is also an effective way to maintain business relationships.

So,  if you’re a graphic designer or an agency providing graphic design services, cold email marketing can help you gain a mutually beneficial sale and land more clients.

However, writing cold emails can be daunting and time-consuming. Writing compelling content is already difficult enough; you also have to consider the design element of your email.

Fortunately, that’s where email templates come in handy.

We’ve provided this guide about cold email campaigns. We also listed the best cold email templates for graphic design services to help you sell and generate new leads.

Let’s dive straight in!

What is a Cold Email?

A cold email is an unsolicited email aimed at gaining benefits regarding opportunities and sales. It also seeks a dual-sided benefit from someone the sender has no prior connection or relationship with.

Simply put, cold email outreach is sending emails to people you have never interacted with before to start a conversation or get a reply. It’s also a powerful sales channel since you can create a dialogue with a company’s key decision-makers, even if countries are apart.

To succeed in cold email marketing, building a contact list and sending them personalized emails is also essential.

What is a Cold Email Template?

As the name suggests, cold email templates are templates you can repeatedly use to contact a potential prospect. In addition, you can modify a few parts of the email template to personalize it for a specific person.

How to Use Cold Email Templates Effectively

To use cold email templates for graphic design services effectively (by increasing conversions), consider the following:

  • Use cold email software to replace the merge tags or placeholders at scale and launch your campaigns.
  • Personalize the template (including the subject line).
  • Avoid copy-pasting templates mindlessly. Instead, write templates relevant to the recipient’s interests, pain points, industry, resources shared, and value-added.
  • Download the templates and upload them to your cold email software for easy use and access.
  • Write the templates from a generic point of view.
  • Input additional information if needed in the template.
  • Above all else, share a valuable resource each time your recipients choose to open one of your emails.

Here are some examples of cold email templates for graphic design services:

7 Cold Email Templates for Graphic Design Services

Cold Email Template for Graphic Design Services

Source: Canva/Getty Images

1. Referral Cold Email for Graphic Design Services

This template will be helpful if you want to build an authentic business relationship with your potential prospect and get referred to others. It also uses natural language, although you can add your touch.

Additionally, you can include details to build a connection. For instance, you can share that you found them on a blog post you read or on LinkedIn.

Subject: Get Fresh Graphics to Elevate Your Brand!

Hi [Name],

I hope you’re doing well in these challenging times. I know you’ve been developing your business for a long time. It must also be a lot of work to keep up with the changing trends and customer needs.

The good news is that I can make your life easier, as I have been helping clients create outstanding visuals that help them stand out from the competition. My team and I offer a full range of graphic design services, and I would be thrilled to create appealing visuals to elevate your brand.

From logos and flyers to brochures and social media graphics, I also have the experience to conceptualize, create, and deploy designs that will make an impact. I’ll go the extra mile and consult with your team to ensure the final designs align perfectly with your business goals.

If you want to know more, please contact me at [phone] or [email]. I look forward to hearing from you!


[Sender Name]

2. Authority-Building Referral Email

Building trust and authority with prospects helps your business stand out in a crowded email inbox. It also allows you to warm up your leads.

For instance, using a solid call to action in your cold email outreach clarifies to your readers or leads what they should do next. Offering case studies likewise shows that you have performed results for other companies.

Here’s an example template you can use for your cold outreach:

Subject Line: Unlock the Power of Professional Graphic Design

Dear [First Name],

Are you leveraging visual communications to promote and grow your business?

Good graphic design can transform a company. It’s also the most powerful way to communicate with customers and make a lasting impression in a competitive marketplace.

At [Your Company], we transform ideas into stunning visuals with professional graphic design. We specialize in helping you create captivating imagery that drives results and engages viewers.

From concept creation to print production, our designers and marketing strategists can provide creative services for your needs. We also offer comprehensive packages that include logo design, web design, and product packaging.

Great graphic design starts with creative collaboration. Are you ready to unlock the power of professional graphic design?

Please feel free to contact us for more information or a free estimate.


[Your Name or Company Name]

3. Follow-Up Email After a Call

Cold Email Template for Graphic Design Services

Source: Canva/Getty Images

One of the most vital parts of cold email marketing occurs after your first interaction with the business representative or the individual when you send a follow-up email.

For instance, follow-ups help you develop meaningful relationships with them and show your recipients the value you provide. So, we’ve created this template to help you send effective follow-up emails.

Subject Line: Following Up on Our Recent Phone Conversation

Dear [Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am following up on our phone conversation about [your call topic].

Can we discuss this further on [date and time]? I’m also happy to accommodate your schedule if you need a different time.

Please let me know if this works for you, and I look forward to speaking to you soon.


[Your Name]

4. Attention-Grabbing Email Template

Grabbing your prospect’s attention in one go is challenging, but it is possible. For instance, using a compelling subject line and an engaging email body with a skimmable length is one way to do it.

This email template will help you do this task:

Subject: Affordable Graphic Design Solutions for Your Business

Dear [Prospect],

Do you need a quality graphic design that fits into your budget? Whether you require logo design, banner design, business cards, or any other type of design, our professional team of experienced designers can quickly meet your requirements.

At [Your Company], we understand that all businesses have varying design budgets. Therefore, we strive to provide graphic design solutions that fit any budget. Our range of services includes:

• Logo mark and identity creation

• Brochure and catalog design

• Visual illustration

• Web and mobile app graphic design

• Image and photo retouching

Moreover, our team will work with you to craft the perfect visuals that match your brand identity. We ensure each of our deliverables blends in seamlessly with your overall business goals.

Please contact us to learn more about our graphic design services. We look forward to helping you create stunning visuals to reach your business objectives.


[Your Name]

5. The “Problem Solver” Email Template

Another way to email your clients is to identify their pain points and be the hero to fix them. Here’s an example of a highly personalized cold email:

Subject: Relieving You from Graphic Design Stress

Dear [Name],

We understand that you’re overwhelmed with graphic design projects and that it’s become quite challenging for you to manage. That’s why we’d like to offer you our Graphic Design Services to ease your workload and relieve you from this stress.

Our creative team of designers have experience working with global clients across various industries and disciplines. We can also gather all of your graphic design needs in one place, speeding up your delivery and maximizing the quality of your products.

We understand your time is precious. Therefore, we offer flexible service packages tailored to your demands. Our packages range from one-off projects to long-term collaborations, allowing you to find a solution that is both cost-effective and time-efficient.

We invite you to book a quick call with us to discuss the needs of your business or browse our website for more information. Our team is always more than happy to help.

We also look forward to helping and supporting your business with our Graphic Design Services.


[Your Name]

6. Social Proof Email Example

An email with data and social proof to your email prospect skyrockets response rates because it intrigues the readers. This cold or sales email is also suitable for graphic design work, roll-ups, brochures, UX, visit cards, etc.

Subject: How [INSERT COMPANY] achieved success with our Graphic Designing Services


At [INSERT COMPANY], we specialize in providing graphic design services to businesses that want to capture the attention and loyalty of their customers. Our team of experts has also crafted eye-catching designs that have helped our clients increase their revenue and brand visibility.

On top of that, here’s what some of our clients have had to say about our graphic design services:

“We’ve been working with [INSERT COMPANY] for over a year now, and their graphic design services have provided us with gains in efficiency and visual appeal that have made us stand out in our market.” – [NAME & COMPANY]

“[INSERT COMPANY]’s graphic designs have resonated with our target audience and increased our web presence by more than 30%.” – [NAME & COMPANY]

We also invite you to join the [INSERT COMPANY] family and see how our graphic design services can take your business to the next level.

Let’s schedule a call to discuss how to move forward.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

7. The Direct Approach Template

If you’re looking for a cold sales email template that will less likely go unanswered or get turned down, then it would be the direct approach template.

However, just because it is direct doesn’t mean you won’t have to do your homework. You’ll still do to ensure you’re reaching out to the right company and determine the decision-maker point of contact before you even start the cold email.

Here’s an example of this template:

Subject: Design help for your X project

Hello [Name],

My name is [Your Name], and I’m a [Your Field] working with businesses to design visually-appealing materials. After browsing your website, I also noticed you’re working on a [X project] that piqued my interest.

With over [Years] of experience in [Your Field], I understand and have experience creating successful designs for businesses of all types. I deeply understand [That Field] and the creative skills needed to make any project stand out.

I’d also be glad to discuss how I can deliver the necessary visuals to take your [X Project] to the next level. Please let me know if you’d like to book a call, and I’d be happy to give you a free consultation.


[Your Name]

Top 7 Tips for Writing a Cold Email That Converts

Cold Email Template for Graphic Design Services

Source: Canva/pixelshot

Now, onto the tips to take advantage of cold email marketing:

1. Don’t Sound Like a Template

Cold emailing takes a fair amount of time and effort. So, templates are a time-saver. However, you won’t stand out if someone else uses the format. Or worse, your prospect might receive the same cold email that sounds like yours.

You can prevent this by using the template only as a guide.  You can also tweak it to sound like it comes from your brand to guarantee better results.

2. Do Your Research

Besides copying someone else’s work, nothing will damage your or your company’s credibility faster than not doing your homework correctly. Therefore, don’t take shortcuts with research to complete your cold email campaigns.

3. Be Friendly

When writing an email, there’s no need to use perfect grammar or fancy words. You don’t also need to sound more intelligent. Instead, your message must be clear, concise, and, most importantly, conversational.

One way you can do this is by being friendly. For instance, try to build rapport with your target audience.

4. Personalize and Customize

Double your reply rate by personalizing your cold email campaign. For example, include elements that show you’ve written the content specifically for your recipient rather than a generic message.

Ideally, include customized variables for every recipient. Things like their industry, geo-location, and company name are also some elements that will make them feel they’re receiving your message one-to-one.

5. Have a Clear Purpose

Don’t waste your prospect’s time by sending a “just checking in” email. Instead, send with a purpose. Some examples of clear goals for sending a cold email include sharing a blog, following up on the recipient’s action, giving away free tickets, and offering a new guide or report.

6. Address a Pain Point

Your cold email needs to recognize and address a pain point. You can also provide information, tips to overcome it or explain a solution.

7. Offer Value Before You Ask

Build brand recognition and trust before asking your recipients something. One way to do that is to provide value in advance.

This is why cold emails offer consultation, information, and audit first. Providing value without strings attached also makes your readers feel they can trust you. As a result, it sets a powerful persuasion.

Send Powerful Cold Emails Today

Source: Pexels

Doing cold email outreach campaigns is one of the ideal ways to grow your business and get new and potential clients.

However, don’t despair if you don’t get a reply immediately after running your campaign. Instead, worry about when to send a follow-up email so you won’t miss the opportunity altogether.

We have provided you with cold email templates for graphic design services to start your campaign. If you want to learn more about cold email marketing, we’d also like to share a few more ideas. Check out our other Cold Email Templates for different industries.

Moreover, you can optimize your overall outreach strategy by A/B testing different subject lines, full campaign sequences, and body copy.

Use InboxAlly, an email deliverability tool that allows you to get your mass emails delivered without the fear of landing in spam.