In today’s increasingly competitive digital business landscape, cold emailing has become essential for B2B sales teams and marketers. It also makes the audience aware of your brand and product.

However, inboxes are flooded with emails every day. Email receiving statistics even show that the average person receives 100 to 120 emails daily without including spam.

So, in this guide, we’ll explore the best B2B cold email subject lines that work in 2023. These subject lines drive engagement, pique curiosity, and grab attention.

Standing out from the crowd and increasing the chances of your email being opened and read is essential. And you can achieve that by having a compelling and well-crafted subject line.

But first, let’s learn the importance of cold email in B2B communication.

Importance of Cold Email in B2B Communication

Best B2B Cold Email Subject Lines That Work in 2023 Courtesy: Canva/kanchanachitkhamma

Cold emails are an effective tool for business-to-business (B2B) communication as they allow marketers to engage directly with potential clients without going through gatekeepers like secretaries or sales teams.

Moreover, you can send these emails to establish a new business relationship or nurture an existing one. You can also schedule it in advance, so you will take advantage of all opportunities by planning your time more efficiently.

An essential part of writing a cold email for B2B communication is to ensure the email subject line is interesting so the email gets opened, read, and replied to. The subject line is the first thing the prospect would see.

Overview of the Evolving Trends and Statistics in Cold Email Subject Lines and Emails for B2B Marketing

  • 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line.
  • 33% of email recipients open an email because of catchy subject lines.
  • 69% of email recipients report emails as spam based only on the subject line.
  • When subject lines are personalized, open rates are increased by up to 50%.
  • The average open rate across all industries is 21.33%. The government is the industry with the highest open rate at 28.77%.
  • 47% of marketers test their subject lines before sending emails.
  • There are 4 billion daily email users, expected to grow to 4.6 billion in 2025. [1-2]

Best B2B Cold Email Subject Lines That Work in 2024

Best B2B Cold Email Subject Lines That Work in 2023 Courtesy: Canva/Dean Drobot

1. Hoping you can help

Generally, people want to help other people. So, if you use this subject line, they are more likely to open your email. You say things like you want to learn more about a schedule and know the right person to talk to.

2. X tips/ideas for [pain point]

Cold email subject lines highlighting pain points create a common ground between you and the potential clients.

This subject line catches their attention to learn more about their specific needs or struggles, and you can bring forward your offers on how you can serve them according to their response. Using listicles in the subject line also drives interest, as people love a numbered list.

3. Can I help?

Use this cold email subject line to tell your potential client you want to provide value. Moreover, once the recipient sees such a subject line in their inbox, they’ll ask, “Help with what?” And to find out the answer, they’ll open and read your email.

4. Hi [name], [question]?

This subject line evokes opens and replies. Asking questions or asking for their help opens the door to starting a conversation, which is the goal of email marketing. Adding their name makes it more personal, making your email stand out.

5. [Name], I saw you’re focused on [goal]

This subject line does two things: 1) personalizing by using the recipient’s name and 2) engaging the attention because you’re referring to an objective or an opportunity on their mind.

6. Are you ready?

The only way for the reader to understand the question is to open your email. This incomplete question also elicits action from your potential clients.

After opening the email, the pressure is on the content to answer the question with personalization, value, and compelling messaging.

7. [Referral name] loves us & thought you might too

Use this subject line to set the tone for your email as you follow up with your happy customers. You can even have the referrer introduce you through email or include a personalized testimony from them.

8. Question about [goal]

This subject line is a great way to grab your reader’s attention and encourage them to open your email to know your question.

9. Remove the guesswork from [Activity/Task] today

Guesswork is a pain point. So, make sure to research your prospect and answer this subject line. Adding the word “today” in this subject line creates urgency.

10. Some content to go on [relevant topic]

Using the power of reciprocity in the email subject lines can generate opens and replies. The subject line above also excels in using that power of exchange.

Moreover, it shows that you’ve done your homework for your audience, and your email provides value to them. This will automatically put you ahead of your competitors since you’re not simply sending an ordinary sales email.

You convey that you’re well-prepared to help and that their time is precious. More likely, your email’s effect is that your audience will feel more obligated to return the favor.

11. It’s straightforward

This is another subject line that generates curiosity. You leave something that makes the recipient ask, “What is easy?

12. Save [Number] hours per week with [Solution/Product]

Create subject lines with numbers because they can serve as your power of persuasion. Numbers communicate something that words may not. Plus, they stand out.

They also build credibility, especially in sales. Using numbers in short subject lines will grab the attention of the prospect’s company.

And because nobody likes falling behind or missing out, using this principle is effective. It compels the recipient to take action.

Best B2B Cold Email Subject Lines That Work in 2023 Courtesy: Unsplash/Justin Morgan

13. I made a custom report for you, [Prospect’s_name]

Personalized subject lines like the one above drive your recipient’s attention, making them more likely to open the email. It also highlights a specific action you’ve taken for the prospect.

By mentioning that you prepared a custom report, your email contains valuable information tailored to their needs.

14. Can you afford to lose [something important]?

This subject line is a winner. It addresses sensitive issues by framing them around things the prospect may lose, whether time, clients, or money if they won’t act.

Furthermore, it motivates the prospects to open the email to learn something they may lose. It also makes an effective sales email subject line because it sparks the prospect’s curiosity and creates a sense of urgency at the same time.

15. I found you through [referral name]

Suppose you’ve been to an event and met a mutual connection there. In that case, you may also use that meeting for your initial introduction.

16. [Number] things to know before [event]

Make your subject line stand out by using numbers and being helpful to your prospect while they prepare for a big goal. With this subject line, they’ll be grateful for the support and the heads up.

17. How [Customers/Company] Used [Solution/Product] to turn their business around

This is one of the most powerful sales email subject lines because you use social proof. It gives the prospects the idea that it must be worth trying or right for their business if others are using or doing it.

If the company is well-known, it’s even better because the recipients will be curious to learn more. They’ll feel more confident and comfortable taking the next step because they have proof that your solution or product works.

18. Thank you 🙏 in advance

Creative subject lines, such as emojis, are proven to get results. This is why 56% of brands use them for higher open rates.

You can try out different emojis and monitor your open, response, and click-through rates to see that it works. However, you don’t want to be too casual because it is still B2B communication.

19. Loved your [work]

This is one of the best email subject lines you can use because people love appreciation and praise. Of course, this means you should consume the prospect’s work that you’re referring to.

The more specific you can be about the work, the more meaningful it can be to the recipient and the more positive the impact will likely be. But of course, be genuine with your appreciation.

20. [Your competitor] is achieving [goal]; let us help you do the same

A competitor’s name on your prospect’s inbox will quickly grab their attention. It will also gain their interest that you will help them achieve their goals and gain a competitive edge.

21. [First name], can I have your 15 minutes?

It is effective because it’s personalized with the recipient’s name and creates curiosity by asking for a short time, specifying that it will take little of their time. Combining personalization and a time-sensitive request attracts the prospect to open their email.

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22. Exclusive insights for [Prospect’s Industry] success

A subject line that’s personalized, relevant, and compelling captures the prospect’s attention and encourages them to open the email. This sample subject line is strategic because it is tailored to the prospect’s industry.

23. [Prospect’s first name], [Company name], and [Your company name]: potential partnership?

This can capture the recipient’s attention and intrigue them to open the email to learn about the potential collaboration.

5 Tips for Writing Effective Cold Email Subject Lines

Courtesy: Canva/ Minerva Studio

1. Create Instant Intrigue

Every subject line you use should ignite some intrigue or interest in your prospect because it will be one of the most important things that get read in your email.

2. Build Instant Trust

You’ll have to establish trust first, especially if your prospect doesn’t know you or your business. Mentioning a mutual connection helps.

3. Make It Personal

Talk directly to your prospects by making your subject lines personalized. However, please don’t be lazy about it.

Adding only {{firstname}} or “you” as a personalization tactic won’t encourage your prospects to open your emails. So, take your personalization a step further by adding basic keywords. Use more specific variables than {{firstname}}.

For instance, you can add custom variables, such as {{Objective}}, {{commonGround}}, {{painPoint}}, and {{competitor}}.

4. Keep it Brief

Keep your email subject line brief, minding the ideal length between mobile and tablet devices and desktops.

The maximum email subject line on maximum is about 60 characters before the email provider cuts it off. Some recommend using 41 characters so that each word appears on any device the email is clicked on.

5. Create Urgency

A great cold email subject line should find the sweet spot between creating a sense of urgency and sounding too pushy. Be creative and find a way of expressing yourself.

But make sure not to fake that sense of urgency. Using too many emojis, exclamation points, or all caps doesn’t lead to high open rates. Worse, it could get your cold emails marked as spam.

A good example is making an exclusive offer, inviting them to an event of the year, or adding fear of missing out. Remember to make your call to action easy to follow and clear for your readers.

Bonus: Test Your Email Deliverability

When you’ve already prepared your campaign, test on your email deliverability. It is the ability to get your emails into your prospect’s inbox without being marked as spam or blocked.

Without an email deliverability test, you may miss issues that could prevent your email from getting through. And poor deliverability leads to low engagement and conversions.

Factors that affect the success of your B2B marketing campaigns include your sender reputation (based on the number of emails you send, those that bounced, and the number of users that interacted with your mailings) and server reputation (the service you use in sending your campaigns, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook).

Don’t worry. Email deliverability may initially sound abstract, but the InboxAlly family has you covered. Check out our tool guaranteed to help you land in your recipient’s inbox.

People Also Ask: FAQs About B2B Cold Email and Subject Lines

Does cold emailing work in 2024?

Yes, cold emailing does work up to today, and they are a powerful tool to reach out to potential clients, partners, or customers. They can help you create new business prospects and connect with potential customers.

What should be the subject of the B2B email?

Including companies, names, or locations in your B2B email helps you create the best impression. Even when the newsletter goes to 1,000 contacts, ensure it is personalized.

Is cold emailing effective for B2B?

Yes, it is effective for Business-to-Business communications. Research shows that 71% of buyers want to hear from sellers when exploring a new idea or product [3].

How do you write a B2B subject line?

Personalization, including a hook that piques the recipient’s interest, and using humor can all help you write an effective B2B subject line.

What are B2B sales strategy templates?

B2B sales email templates are customizable messages you can send to cold contacts. The sales team uses them to target prospective clients and encourage them to join the sales funnel.

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In Summary

The best B2B cold email subject lines get potential clients to open and act on your messages.

When recipients open your emails, it leads to meetings, sales, and revenue.

You can use the sample subject lines to inspire your own. You can keep trying new email subject lines with strategies and patterns proven to work repeatedly.

To write a compelling subject line that converts, make them timely, short, and personal.

With the InboxAlly email deliverability tool, you can double your campaign’s open rates within 1-2 weeks.

Deliverability experts, cold emailers, email marketing agencies, and affiliate marketers use this tool. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how it works. Sign up here for free.