A leading B2B analytics and data provider came to InboxAlly to seek help.

More specifically, they wish to repair their existing domain with a daily sending volume of around 100 to 200 emails daily. They also wanted to start warming up a new domain to begin a campaign that would send 1,000 to 2,000 cold emails per day.

This was the first time the client had undertaken a project to improve inbox placement rates for their B2B outreach. This also makes it crucial to achieve the desired results while sticking to email-sending best practices.


We cannot overemphasize the strategic use of email marketing for business growth, especially in the B2B sector. It can attract new leads, build credibility and trust with prospects, and encourage them to purchase the service.

One crucial aspect of email marketing is cold emailing. This tactic involves sending carefully crafted messages to potential clients who have not yet shown interest in a company’s products or services.

For cold emailing to be effective, businesses must establish and maintain a positive rapport with their target audience. This will slowly build relationships that can eventually lead to fruitful partnerships.

This case study showcases how InboxAlly helped a leading B2B analytics and data provider. We will discover how they significantly improved their cold emailing campaign and yielded impressive results.

The Challenge: Repair an Existing Domain and Warm Up a New One for Optimal Email Deliverability

The success of cold emailing campaigns depends on several critical factors, which ensures emails reach their intended recipients without being flagged as spam.

Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with low email deliverability rates. As a result, this limits the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

However, InboxAlly understood the client’s challenges. The team also proposed a comprehensive solution leveraging their expertise and reputation in optimizing email deliverability.

The Solution: Leveraging InboxAlly’s Deliverability Optimization & Reputation Repair Services

InboxAlly’s team customized a premium plan for the client, giving them access to 1,000 seed sends per day. The plan can also be divided among ten sender emails belonging to different domains.

Additionally, this approach would enable the client to monitor and improve their inbox placement rate, avoiding spam filters more effectively.

In most cases, InboxAlly’s clients observe noticeable improvements in their inbox placement within the first few weeks of implementing the recommended plan.

With this in mind, InboxAlly anticipated that the client’s email deliverability would improve quickly.

The Results: Dramatic Improvements in Inbox Placement Rates and Significantly Reduced Spam Rates

The client’s email deliverability results showed excellent progress in just one month. Initially, 55% of their emails landed in their recipients’ inboxes, while 45% were classified as spam.

However, these figures improved significantly after consistently following InboxAlly’s recommended best practices. The client achieved a 100% delivery rate for successfully sent emails. They all landed in their recipients’ inboxes, and 0% were classified as spam.

The client expressed their satisfaction with InboxAlly’s services, stating:

“We couldn’t be happier with the results and the success of fixing our existing domain and kickstarting activity on the new one. We’ve achieved the desired outcomes in terms of inbox delivery rates and avoiding spam filters.”


By partnering with InboxAlly, the client managed to address their deliverability issues. Not only that, but it also set the foundation for a successful, sustainable cold emailing campaign with a 100% cold email delivery rate.

This case study demonstrates the value of investing in professional email deliverability services. Doing so ensures a company’s marketing efforts deliver optimal results in today’s highly competitive business landscape.