For professional marketers planning to start an email campaign using cold email addresses, the use of email warm-up is common practice. Email warmup tools work to prevent important outgoing emails from landing in the spam folder. They are also key for increasing your conversion rate and your ROI.

Through email warmup, your email will gain trust and reputability from mailbox providers – a task that is often otherwise challenging without using email warm-up tools.

With that in mind, we share with you why InboxAlly is a top choice over alternative services such as Mailwarm and other competitors. But before that, allow us to explain to you first what Mailwarm offers and how it works.

What is Mailwarm?

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Mailwarm is an email warm-up tool that focuses exclusively on their Mailwarm platform. The service takes control of your email account and sends emails to a pool of other users in their network.

When your cold email campaign emails reach a Mailwarm account (recipient) they will automatically be marked as not spam, replied to, and perhaps more. Mailwarm generates basic interactions such as these in order to try and create a positive impact on your reputation and deliverability. This in turn aims to result in a higher open rate, thus increasing responses and click-thru events.

Our take is that Mailwarm may be an effective option for initial stage warmup for new senders, but the tight ESP integration requirements, only basic engagement behaviors, and lack of reputation boosting features should be weighed as you consider all your options.

Why InboxAlly is a top choice over Alternatives?

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InboxAlly, like Mailwarm, helps scale up email sending volume. While some of our clients are using our software to ramp up a volume of a sender, IP or domain; the unique thing about InboxAlly is our focus on improving outcomes like improving open rates.

InboxAlly is also able to repair damaged domains and IPs. It can do this in as little as 4 days.  It is also packed with important functionality you can’t find elsewhere.

We believe strongly that we are miles ahead in our industry because of our functionality, effectiveness, and awesome feedback we get from our clients.

Let’s dive into the details…

What sets us apart from the competition

1. 360 Degree Services

Unlike our competitors, we offer two-phased solutions; deliverability and ramp-up, repairing damaged sender domain, ESP migration, etc.We do not leave any service out because we understand that clients will love to have every aspect of their email marketing taken care of, rather than outsourcing branches of their worries to multiple service providers.

2. Large Database Of Seed Emails For Any Business Size


We have thousands of seed emails that are effective for our clients who send hundreds of thousands of emails per day. Being effective at this volume of emails shows that we’ve built our system to cater to clients with diverse sizes of email database and an open runway for growth.

3. Natural Engagement Actions Instead of Using Unreliable APIs and Extensions


Other services use APIs, IMAP, and extensions, to perform engagement actions. Alternatively, we perform these engagements on the graphical interface of each email service provider. We do this because email service providers are smart enough to detect those differences and they give lower weighting to engagement actions that are performed by APIs and extensions as compared to engagement actions that are performed on their own interface.

4. We perform Multiple-Layered Engagement Actions For Accuracy


While other services use one or only a few engagement actions per seed email executed in a set order and limited to once a day, we use up to 8 different engagement actions per seed email. We also do so in random order modeled after human behavior. This includes engagements multiple times per day for maximum effectiveness.

5. We Provide Custom Content For Seed Emails


We let you send your own content to our seed emails to acclimate inbox providers to keywords, phrases, and links that you use in your email campaigns.

6. We Allow You To Schedule and Send Emails Using Your Real Send-Time


You’re in control of scheduling and sending emails to our seed emails so that they can be sent at a time relative to your actual sends to provide the best results. This helps our system to treat your email with the same actuality as your real emails, and present accurate reports.

7. Human-Like Engagement Window During Email Seed Testing


We engage with each of your emails within a window of time from your email broadcasts. Our super-engaged seeds model a range of human behavior and allow your campaign to see immediate opens with high engagement continuing over the engagement window.

8. Friendly With Other Email Platforms


Our service works with ANY sending platform, whether it’s using your GWork, Outlook, a full-fledged ESP, or your own sending servers, unlike our competitors whose platforms have limited ability to interact with other sending platforms.

9. Secured And No-Access To Your Data


Our service is highly secure because you don’t give us access to your sending platform and also we don’t send emails back and forth within any client network, which can mean competitors seeing your email content.

10. Built-In Inbox Placement Test


We have an inbox placement testing feature built-in on our platform to help us monitor and report factual data from our inbuilt tool, rather than outsourcing this to a third party.

11. Built-In Authentication Checking


We have a built-in authentication feature on our platform that helps us authenticate emails right within our platform. Most other services only help you with delivery to Gmail. We help with delivery to GMail, GWork, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Outlook as we have all of these email seeds available.

Can’t still make your choice? See our Detailed Feature List today to help you make a more informed decision.

And the best option when you can’t decide? Try InboxAlly for free and get started today on the path towards 100% deliverability!